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The chart also helps to predict the results from the Moon sign and in vedic astrology it is reckoned as equal to the Ascendant. The corporation's chart depicts the on going operations but subtle results are hard to delineate with accuracy. In chapter, the significations of houses relating to various corporate activities have been described on a much larger format to cover all the perceptible manifestations in the business'. The effects of lunation occurring on different houses of the horoscope have also been corroborated to adjudge the monthly business trends.

As mentioned above, the was an eventful year and one of the astrological reasons was the association of three major planets who remained in Capricorn sign through out the year. Incidentally, India fall in the ambit of this sign. There was Jupiter, Neptune conjunction on the 9th January1 97 which was followed by J upiter-Uranus conjunction occurring on the 16th February While Jupiter is planet of expansion and growth, Uranus springs suddenness and brings abrupt changes and wild fluctuations in the market prices due to its evil nature.

Neptune is a planet of chaos and dissolution. The association and then forming a conjunction, had set the tone and tenor of the markets. Total instability and uncertainty prevailed. The graph of stock market i. Thereafter, a slump was witnessed and Sensex index plunged to point on the 11th December Similarly, gold prices by and large remained subdued and at one stage of the year, it ruled 12 year low which was a phenomenon and kept the speculators and investors at tenter-hook all through. On the other side, the silver markets showed buoyancy and it crossed Rs per kg in that year.

However, it also touched dicey low values creating flutters for the traders and consumers a like.

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The unusual behaviour of the above three markets including gold have illustratively been dealt with in the last chapter. The planetary conjunctions and aspects formed during the said period have fully supported the market trends. The same effects are also checked through Sarvatobhadra Chakra and it was proved that the market fluctuations in respective of bullion and stock share were in consonance with the cosmic laws and astrological precepts. In fine, it is true to say that in astrology, each business and activity of a trade house can be graphed as every trade do have time of birth i.

It is equally possible to ascertain whether a venture will succeed or otherwise by knowing when it has commenced. If the beginning is made on a propitious time and the promoter holds promise in his horoscope, the chances of success are exceedingly high. This book is not meant to be a treatise or an encylopaedia. I acknowledge my indebtedness to all the authors whose works I referred to as a source of information while writing this book. But lor him, this book may not have been true to its contents.

Non compatible signs for leo

I highly appreciate his magnanimous gesture. I also owe thanks to Mr. Goel and Mr. Khullar, G. Telephones who have been helpful and supportive in many ways. I am greatly obliged for their efforts in going through the proofs and giving valued suggestions, despite their busy engagements. I also place on record the co-operation extended to me by my beloved wife Urmila, who also gave whole hearted support and encouragement inspite of the fact, it caused much inconvenience to her daily household chores.

I also offer my gratitude to my revered sister who blessed me so warmly for my success in this pursuit. I am highly appreciative of the efforts made by Mr. N arinder Sagar, and his son Saurabh Sagar of Sagar Publications, in collecting host of materials and data which immensly helped shaping the book in the present form. Besides, their continous encouragements and relentless support made it possible to present the book before the readers in time.

Their genuine passion in promoting vedic astrology in India and abroad is incredible. The author hopes that the style and content of this work will be easy, enjoyable and stimulating which may encourage the readers to elect to practice the postulations and rules of the commercial astrology enunciated in this book to the best of their advantage. Makar Sankranti 14th January '98 P.

The format of llu hook though exotic in character, has a great deal of utility In kindling the contemporary aspect of astrology. I tiring this period, I received candid vie. Ii i meet the fervent desire of dear readers, GLOSSARY of both iinlmlngical and commercial terms has,been:annexed to this edition in a fond hope that it would come handyand.

It may also provide great v.

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VflNtidev is a welcome addition in astrological literature in I in 1iii nay the whole world. Gandhiji said that the measurement of good iovernment depends on how its subjects grow "Morally", "Socially" and "Economically". Tulsidas says in Ram-Charitra Mimas, "Poverty is the greatest curse of life on this earth". As mutter of fact, every human being, a company or a nation littN to decide their mode of investment and industry at an opportune moment for a sound business proposition.

The fifth and the eleventh houses lieve a direct influence on the earning capability of a native: I lif fifth having bearing on the past Karmas of the native, the ninth representing right conduct in their life, including the tnmpound fate at a given moment in life time and the eleventh house being the house of earning, fulfilment of all wordly desires and the capabi l i ty to overcome all Impediments created by lack of resources, opponents and illficases.

Second house represents accumulated wealth and NOUrcc of economic sustenance and the fourth house- iti cumulation of immovable property and place, means and im do of operation of business or individual venture.

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In this context the twelfth house has an overall influence, being the Iiounc of expenditure and investment, including the ultimate livcdom from the miseries of world. Vedic astrology in money matters Prasara Hora Shastra has therefore, laid down excellent conditions for enjoyment of life if lord of the 12th house meets the auspicious conditions namely: it should be friendly to the Ascendant lord, occupying the 5th, the 9th or the 11th house, in its own, Mool Trikona and in exaltation signs, with auspicious planets or in Vargas of signs occupying the 5th, the 9 th or the 11th sign in Rashi birth chart.

On the other hand, all energies are imparted by 27 Nakshatras. Thus the interaction of Nakshatras, houses, signs and planets gives an idea about the direction in which an individual should make his or her investment which have an auspicious influence in the horoscope and can give economic prosperity to a native. The present book would be of immense value and help in this direction. It would help the natives to choose proper timing and direction for their economic activities. It gives different yogas and methods to judge ones own nativity from financial stand point, as well as indications for the prosperity of a company.

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The technique of the use of "Sarvatobhadra Chakra" on financial matters has been explained in an elaborate manner and would universely help to judge right time in selecting companies for investment or for trading and other economic activities. Page: 'nble 1.

Pakshas and Tithies. List of Nakshatras. Examples of Tarabalas. Inauspicious Yogas. Inauspicious portions of malefic Yogas. Karanas within Tithies. Qualities of Karanas. Nakshiitras for Weekdays. Nakshatras and corresponding places in Kurma Chakra. Places allotted to nine Asteral triads by Varaha Mihira. Ruling signs of countries and notable towns.

Classification of sign in terms of decanates. Commodities and their ruling signs. Rise and fall in commoditie's prices by planetary transits.

Nakshatras and their lordships 'able Nakshatras Constellations 'able Groupification of the gunas. Solar and Lunar groups of nakshatras. Commodities and other matters signified by nakshatras. Names and symbols of planets with. Orbs of planetary conjunctions.

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Tabulation of conjunction. Aspects of swift planets.

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    Effects of Vedhas. Retrograde and stationary periods of planets. Average period of retrogression, setting and rising of planets.

    Samir Jain: Times of India Reporter

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