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Hanuman Mishra will predict how well will it do on Box Office. Read this article here. Dabangg 2 songs are already a rage and people are waiting for Dabangg 2 movie to release. Check out what stars have to say about Dabangg 2 starring Salman Khan. Khiladi Lucky for Akshay Kumar?

Auto Expo 2020: Honda, BMW amongst marques expected to remain absent

Khiladi music and songs are getting quite popular these days. Let us see what astrology predicts about Khiladi and if it is going to be a hit or a flop. Amir Khan in Dhoom 3 is in a different kind of role that he has never done before. Let us check out what astrology and numerology predict about the fate of Dhoom 3 at box office.

Sir please tell me when will have our baby again without any bad effects and our marriage life is also not good why this things happened in our life we are so much tension. If we look at the planetary transit we see that at present you have Ketu in the 5th house of your wife horoscope and Rahu is in the house of gains. Jupiter the karka for children is in the 12th house. Rahu and Ketu along with Jupiter will move in September Therefore the period after September is much more favorable for having healthy a child.

Iran: The Astrological Path to War in 2000-2020 (Part VII)

As Saturn rules the 5th house,doing astrological remedies of Saturn and Jupiter are strongly recommended. She conceived twice.. Both were aborted due to nt grown and dint get heart beat..

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I am very depressed because v lost twice wen conceived. So pls help me is their any problem in our kundli regarding child..

Your relationship is not an easy one, because you do life each other and have the attraction that takes a relationship forward. You both can also take hasty decisions when provoked.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

One day you can be the best friends and partners and very next day you both can be bitter enemies. The need of the hour for both of you is to develop trust and confidence for each other, which has disappeared. More then husband and wife you need to be friends. Regarding children , yes children delay are very much in your charts, however there is a delay but not a denial. Keep fast on Mondays and also offer jal to Lord Shiva, both of you and you will see good results in your relationship and also find happiness in your life. As per your numerology you will have children after after delays and there are chances that you may have to seek a medical help in this regard.

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn! Jan 6-12 2019 Astrology Horoscope

Keeping fast on Thursday which is the day of Jupiter will be very helpful. Looking at your chart we see that Jupiter which is the lord of the 5th house of progeny is debilitated in the navamsha chart, which is not good. Doing the remedies of Jupiter will help you get quick results. Good afternoon Sir, My name is shalini jaiswal born in allahabad U. We got married on 6.


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My baby boy died inside the womb just few hours before my delivery. Since then i could not conceive. All medical test is done for me n mine husband and everything is okay. Still i m not conceiving. Really sad to hear about your delivery. However as I can see from your horoscope there is delay but not denial. You are presently running the mahadasha of Mercury and antardasha of Venus. Jupiter the karka for children is debilitated in your natal chart. The possibility of children are strong after October Keep trying and surely you will get your results.

Keep fast on Thursdays for improving your Jupiter. Also please send me your email ID, I would like to talk more. Sir, My name is Maheshwari Maheshwari jayakumar Iyer before marriage And maheshwari chandramoulish after marriage. Thanks for posting your question on astronlogia. It is very important for you to take healthy diet and keep mentally and physically fit during your pregnancy.

Unnecessary stress and tensions should be avoided. Keeping fast on Thursdays will help you getting the desired results. Thanks for visiting astronlogia. Thank you for getting in touch with Astronlogia. Hello Sir I too want to know when i am going to conceive my dob 5. Your stars are weak for progeny. Doing the remedy of Jupiter will help you in getting quick results. The period to conceive is going on and going forward you should see good results.

You need to be careful of your health. Tie a Mauli Sacred Thread around your waist after you conceive to protect your pregnancy. Hi sir, we are looking for your kind help, we are very sad now, I am satheesh kumar. Presently Jupiter is in Virgo and will enter Libra in September Thereafter you have a strong period to be blessed with a child. Keep trying and surely you will get your desired results.

You can keep fast on Thursdays for beneficial results at the earliest.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Your date of birth and that of your husband has number 3. Which is ruled by Jupiter the planet which bestows happiness from children.

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There is a strong indication that you will have child despite delays. Some medical help may be required. Looking at the numerology number of both. You both are ruled by Jupiter. Therefore children will be delayed. You should keep fast on Thursdays for benefits. My name is Bonita d.

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